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How To's

Welcome to the MIX/AT How-To page! Below you'll find videos, PDFs, and downloadable promo material all designed to help you have the best MIX/AT experience possible. Looking for help that you can't find here? Email us at

Instructional Videos

Welcome to MIX/AT

MIX/AT Adult Leader Meeting 1

MIX/AT Adult Leader Meeting 2

MIX/AT Adult Leader Meeting 3

MIX/AT Adult Leader Meeting 4

MIX/AT Magic Trick Tutorial

MIX/AT Content Trailer

Instructional .PDF's

MIX/AT How-To Guide

Convos How-To

Outer Realm How-To

Outer Realm Printables

MIX/AT Host Guide

MIX Student Book

MIX/AT Suggested Session Flow

MIX/AT Suggested Daily Schedule

MIX/AT Worship (Set List and Prompts)

Scripture Video Scripts

The Third Person Program Guide

Outer Realm Answer Keys

MIX/AT Convos PDF's

Promotional Downloads

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The Third Person IG/FB Story

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The Third Person 1080x1080

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MIX/AT logo (Black)

MIX/AT logo (White)

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