High School -

Wood returns to MIX 7 years after giving life to Christ at that event —

By Catie Wood

Seven years ago I was a sixth grader at MIX and made my decision to follow Christ for the first time.

That experience began the journey of my faith. While at MIX I found love, hope and a security in the Lord that I wasn’t feeling at home at the time. I fell in love with the people I was with – my youth group and leaders with Foundry Church.


I decided to come back as a volunteer this year so that I could be with these kids. They’re at an age when everything changed for me, and I want to be there for them during that time, as well. I’m living the dream to be able to be here as an influencer. We dance and play, but they’re also a huge encouragement to me with their answers in small group times and their child-like faith. MIX makes my heart happy, and seeing kids worship puts the biggest grin on my face.


I’ve come a long way since that decision at MIX seven years ago. In addition to serving as a volunteer at MIX, this summer is awesome because I’m also going to Kiev, Ukraine to serve the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. My time with them is going be spent helping the ministry, hanging out with other young people, and doing Bible studies. I could not be more pumped. I’ll be living with Dima and Reily Rachkovsciy, who are missionaries who used to go to our church.


It’s just been a wild ride, and to think it all started here when I was these kids’ age. God has had an amazing plan for my life so far and I’m pumped to see where He takes me next.


Catie Wood, 17, will be a senior this fall at Shawnee Mission (KS) High School.