Missions -

Why go on a mission trip? —

By Krystal Zawisza

Students are changing the world.


High school is not a waiting period or a time to plan what Kingdom work will look like one day. Kingdom work is for now.

Students can have an impact for the sake of Gospel now. Kingdom work doesn't wait until college or a career or for more money. Now is the time for action. Right now, exactly where you are, God has good works for you to do - because he loves you. He loved you before you knew what love was.

"The most important reason to go on a mission trip is to come back home "

So why go on a mission trip?

You have been called to Kingdom work, and going on a mission trip is one way to do just that. There are things that have to be true of you as a Kingdom worker to accomplish the work God has for you in your home, your school, your church, your community and your social media reach. Those things are developed within you when you get out of what makes you comfortable and learn from people different than you.

I have learned the most important reason to go on a mission trip is to come back home. Seems counterproductive - but in my experience and from the stories I've heard, you will come home ready to put your hands to the work Jesus has for you. You will come home ready to love the people right in front of you. You will come home ready to sing the praises of God for what He has allowed you to experience and the relationships He has brought into your life. You will come home ready to tear open that box you put God in. You will come home ready to be a Kingdom worker in your sphere of influence. 




Who you are when you get home is so much more important than what you did for a week or two on a trip.

The trip matters because on the trip you will experience Jesus in an entirely new way. The more you open yourself to experience Jesus, the more your life can imitate His. It's on a trip like this where you will see that missions is a lifestyle.

The definition of a mission is "an important assignment carried out." The assignment that Jesus has for you to carry out is an everyday-everywhere kind of assignment you can do now.

Don't wait to experience what God has in store for you.


Krystal Zawisza is a MOVE program coordinator for Christ In Youth.