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Why Christmas music is the best music —

By Craig Davenport

Christmas music is arguably the best kind of music.

Whether you start humming Christmas tunes in mid-June or resist the urge until after Thanksgiving, everyone can sing along with the classic songs we all know and love. But what is it that makes a truly great Christmas song? After researching and examining some of the most popular and cherished songs – seriously, we put a lot of time an effort into this so you should take this extremely seriously – we’ve found three key ingredients to a jolly Christmas tune.


1. Food – Christmas song writers know the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. We can almost hear the crackling of the firewood when we sing about the chestnuts over an open fire. And the most wonderful time of the year is when parties are hosted, marshmallows are toasted and there’s caroling out in the snow.


2. Snow – Many great Christmas songs describe a powdery winter wonderland. When we’re dreaming of a white Christmas is the perfect occasion to sing about all the fun that can be had in the snow. We can go dashing in a one-horse open sleigh, or roll up some snow and grab some buttons to make Frosty the snowman. It’s a great reason to stay inside by the warmth of the fireplace, but since we have no place to go … let it snow!


3. Jingle Bells – Jingle bells are easily the most distinct Christmas instrument. They’re the perfect combination of rhythm and intonation. They swing, they ring, they chime in perfect time. Whether these bells are a part of the lyrics, or part of the instrumentation, they are impossible to separate from some of the most classic Christmas songs.


Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year. Some say the main part of what makes it so special is all the joyful Christmas music that is heard in every store, on every radio station and on front porches when carolers come around. This Christmas, may the music of the season bring good tidings of cheer to you and your kin.


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Craig Davenport is the Hatch production manager for Christ In Youth. He is also a musician.