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What’s on your prayer map? —

By Kenan Klein

We all have certain things we need to do – important and healthy practices ¬such as drinking water – but it’s just so bland that we dread it.

Has the practice of prayer reached that point for you? Because it did for me and my prayer circles, until I found this helpful tool.


It’s called the “Prayer Map,” and it will refresh your spiritual routine. This guide has been helpful in my prayer time because I desperately need to speak to the Father. My students, church family and staff love to use this, and I teach this practice on a regular basis. Here’s how to make your Prayer Map:


1. Grab a piece of paper.

2. In the middle of the paper, write your name and draw a circle around it.

3. Write four names of people in your life who need Jesus. Start with a family member, and put it above your name. Second, someone from your school or job – put that to the right of your name. Third, a neighbor – put that under your name. Fourth, someone involved in an activity with you – put that to the left of your name.

4. Circle each of those names.

5. Draw lines between your name’s circle and the others.


This is your Prayer Map. It’s designed intentionally to help you pray for the lost – people you may see every day and who need Jesus in their lives.


God has put these people in your life for a reason – to spread His hope and the Gospel message. Pray that He opens doors for you to be a Kingdom worker on His behalf in their lives. Ask for God to work on their hearts through you, and through other Kingdom workers in their lives, as well.


Extra tip: Make a commitment to pray for these four people at a specific time every day.


Kenan Klein is the worship and student minister at Christian Church of Carl Junction, Missouri. To reach him, please email