High School -

‘Trust doesn’t always look like calling fire from Heaven’ —

By Brianne Bookout

When we traveled the country with CIY’s MOVE team to worship our Savior with high schoolers, the message inspired a new song! It's on Spotify, and it’s called “Trust.”

"Trust doesn’t always look like calling fire from Heaven. "

We practice trust 24/7. We trust inanimate objects such as chairs and cars, strangers who prepare our food – the list never ends! So why can it be so difficult when it comes to God?


I think there are a lot of answers to that – first being that we don’t often visually see or audibly hear Him.


Anybody with me?


The idea of trust is on our hearts and minds this summer as we dive into the story of Elijah. I’ve always been frustrated with this prophet. He sees fire literally fall from Heaven and then retreats and questions his whole existence. God must have been so frustrated, right?!




It’s in Elijah’s doubt that God meets him in the most beautiful way. That’s the gold nugget of truth – trust doesn’t always look like calling fire from Heaven. Sometimes it looks like bringing your doubting self to God and letting Him pick up the pieces. In that moment, we move from trusting to knowing the source of power.


This is my prayer for the Church and our world – that we would experience the true, strong, good Lord of Heaven who is near to us. A trust built on that is what they call the Kingdom of God.


Listen to “Trust” by the Bookouts by clicking here, and learn more about CIY’s MOVE conference here.