Preteen -

Three ways to to end the school year on a good note —

By Drew Crisp

It’s easy for youth leaders to catch the contagious excitement of students eager for summer break. But summer is still a few weeks away, so let’s pump the breaks a little and think about the precious moments of the here-and-now, and the great opportunities those moments present.

CIY SuperStart Director Drew Crisp offers three ways to recognize God in the final days of the school year:


1. Celebrate Accomplishments – Look how much you’ve grown! Not only in height – as many of your students have probably sprouted – but in knowledge and Bible wisdom. Ask your preteens to recite some verses they’ve learned. Talk about the classes they took and what they’ve learned. Celebrate those students who made the grade or finished a cool project, and praise God for being with them through the challenges.


2. Celebrate Relationships – Recognize how God is moving in the lives of your students through the people around them. Hopefully they’ve surrounded themselves with healthy relationships. As they finish the school year, start by encouraging them to thank the teachers that have been most influential in their lives. This is a great chance to learn about the relationships they value and praise God for those people.


3. Approach Forgiveness – For some in the youth group, the end of the school year might be exciting because it presents relief from a year of discomfort and struggle. Maybe it wasn’t the greatest school year, and some of your students need to let go of some heartaches they’ve faced. Forgiveness is something we all struggle with, and approaching this topic during this time of year could be spiritually fruitful. This time of year can be a great opportunity to help your preteens learn how to forgive those who have wronged them. And once they’ve accomplished that, you have an awesome opportunity to help them anticipate next year with a new sense of hope and expectation.


Be sure to pray for all of the students in this season with joy and excitement in their hearts. Pray they anticipate a summer of fun and service.