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Three baptisms in Ohio follow SuperStart —

By CIY Staff

Something special happened for the youth group from Christ’s Church in Mason, Ohio, while attending SuperStart earlier this year.

As preteen pastor Jake Niven led his students in a small group moment, three of their lives were changed forever.

"When we were in our small group time, the kids were just talking through what they learned and knew baptism was next. We had kids memorizing the Word for the first time in that moment. "

Three of the students from the group made first-time decisions for Christ and followed that up with baptisms when they returned home to their church. For two of them, SuperStart’s “Power Up” tour was the tipping point from years of growing up within the church. The third student – Payton Keller – had a bit of a different story, however.


05_10_ohio_baptismsuse.jpg“Payton is a new member of our church,” Niven said. “Her family moved here from California not too long ago. When she was baptized, it was just her friends up there to support her.”

Niven went on to say that Keller’s decision could have been something that felt somewhat isolating for her in a family that weren’t necessarily believers. But a brand-new believer in a family can be a powerful influencer, and Niven said Keller’s parents have since begun to understand what a walk with Christ can look like. He said there’s some excitement building for the family – just one example of how God can move through one young life, and how CIY encourages students to understand the Gospel message.


“SuperStart hits the exact message that kids need to hear,” Niven said. “It has short, dynamic teaching, it’s tangible, and it’s age-appropriate. The Lego piece explaining who God is and how we’re important to the story was a homerun.”

Niven, who has been doing youth ministry for 12 years, said CIY’s programs are so integral to his ministry that Christ’s Church has been sending students to every CIY program every year.

“The quality is consistent, it’s always on point and challenging,” he said. “A lot has happened since we sent our group in March.”


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