Preteen -

This is what students said about SuperStart this year —

By Becca Haines

The 2018/2019 SuperStart tour will make its final stop April 12-13 in Chicago, Illinois, and it’s been amazing to hear what God is doing in the lives of students!

“The music here is really powerful with the lights and everyone singing out. The biggest part about worship for me is when I feel down I turn on the radio at home and sing, dance – just express myself.”
Emma Neuenschwander, fifth grader with College Heights Christian Church in Joplin, Missouri.

“It’s fun! I love the American Ninja Warrior!”
Cadence Cowden, fifth grader with Washington Avenue Christian in Amarillo, Texas.

“I think SuperStart is really great. It has helped remind me that God’s the one who’s helped me through a hard time. I recently changed schools and I really missed my friends. I prayed God would tell them that I loved them and missed them. I think God has helped me make new friends and I know He’s with me. That’s what God has done for me.”
Dani Spurgeon, fourth grader with First Christian Church of Cleveland, Oklahoma.

“I think SuperStart’s awesome! We get to come listen to sermons, sing songs and see someone from American Ninja Warrior – that’s pretty awesome. We’re learning that everyone has a story. I hadn’t thought of mine much – I haven’t really had anything difficult to overcome. My faith is important to me, though. I think I’ll start praying more and listening more to others’ stories.”
Jacob Heeter, fifth grader with Crossroads Christian Church, Joplin, Missouri.


“I love the worship. I also love the games they play on the stage. I definitely know some things will change for me when I go home. I’ve learned it’s not bad to share your story, and it doesn’t matter what people think of you when you share.”
Ian Burnet, fifth grader with Driftwood Christian Church in Cherokee, Kansas.

“Best time of my life! The American Ninja Warrior was my favorite part. Telling stories was something I hadn’t thought of – I didn’t think I had one but now I do. My grandpa passed away in December and I’ve seen God help my mom and grandma.”
Corbin Valsaint, fifth grader with First Baptist Church of Coweta, Kansas.

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