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These 5 green things are headed your way —

By Becca Haines

Let’s be honest … you probably read the headline for this article and thought to yourself, “Wait … what?!? Why is CIY talking about green things?”

Good question! It’s not that we don’t love all colors of the rainbow, but in taking a closer look at some of the things we want to celebrate this summer, we couldn’t help but notice that many of them are associated with the color green. So keep an eye out for these five green things over the next few months, and when you see them join us in thanking God for his amazing work through the ministry of CIY.


1. MOVE Key Tags. Each church registered for MOVE this summer will receive a bunch of little green key tags for their groups. We pray for each and every student who will hold one in their hands.


2. A MIX mascot. Part of the fun middle school students get to experience at MIX every summer is joining a team with an awesome, CIY-designed mascot. This summer, students can expect an especially green option … and it’s NOT Kermit the Frog.


3. The Green Screen. There are many short films and videos that will play at this summer’s events, and quite a few of them start on a green screen in CIY’s offices. And trust us, it gets used A LOT! Did you know we make about 150 videos every year? And we use that green screen for a lot of those projects.


4. Northern Ireland. It’s an absolutely breathtaking country – and most of the time it’s Green! CIY is beyond excited for the first-ever MOVE conference this August in the beautiful country of Northern Ireland. For several years, CIY has sent Engage teams to join young people and the Church in prayer for the country.


5. Volunteer Crews. CIY events are made possible through a gigantic team effort. We couldn’t do it without our amazing volunteers, and this year those volunteers are pretty easy to find in their vibrant green T-shirts! We thank our volunteers and love their smiles … they’re as bright as those shirts!