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The 4 winning traits every church must have —

By Robin Sigars

When I entered the ministry, I knew I wanted to be part of a team that shared the Good News of Jesus with the world.

As youth leaders, you have the opportunity to build your team of coaches and recruit players who also want to be a part of the Church team. The Lord works through teams to reach teenagers with the Gospel of Jesus to change lives forever. I’m a part of a team at Carterville (MO) Christian Church that has grown to more than 1,000 people in the past 10 years, and I’ve seen these four traits consistently lead students to victory.


1. Mission-driven. One of the secrets to working well together as a team in the church is to have everyone striving for the same mission: MAKING DISCIPLES. When players set their focus on the one thing that matters, the Heavenly Father finds ways to win in every situation – be it fun relationship-strengthening or soul-searching life-change.


2. Versatile. Though our team consists of many smaller, task-focused groups, I have found they all love stepping across to other teams to help whenever and however they can. As the head coach, you must encourage your players to be ready and willing to lend a hand to accomplish goals. You can champion this concept by setting the example and helping wherever you see a need.


3. Communicators. Every team – especially a good one – learns to communicate. It’s vital in encouraging each other to keep up the good work, working out problems and setting goals for the future. Our team communicates love and grace to each other as we all try to reach our goal of reaching others with the message of Jesus.


4. Celebrators. Don’t just celebrate after the big games, celebrate after each practice! Let your coaches turn the time of talking about “ways to improve” into “ways God won,” and how “He’s going to win again.” Our team celebrates and we celebrate often by sharing with staff, volunteers and the congregation about the work taking place in our community.


Teamwork is vital in today’s world as it is in the Church. Our purpose has to be clear, and our hearts have to see the entire mission of the Church. No matter how devastating the world can seem, we must celebrate the resurrection power in people’s lives and in the victories we see in the Church. Sing, laugh and cry together as a team and see where God takes you.


03_30_Robin_Sigars.jpgRobin Sigars is the preaching minister at Carterville (MO) Christian Church and former programming director for Christ In Youth. To contact Robin, please email