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Take the pictures that matter the most —

By Mariah Evans

I fell in love with the camera in high school in a class called “TV Productions,” and God has taken that passion and used it to glorify His Kingdom.

Earlier this year I traveled to Nicaragua with my church to document our experience through photography and video production. I was ready to dedicate several days to my passion, but nothing could prepare me for the response we received from the people in the villages we visited.


We printed the photos I took of the families and gifted them along with frames to decorate. The joy it brought to them was unexplainable. Many of them didn’t have any photos of themselves or their families because they don’t have the resources.


Photos are taken so often and nonchalantly in the states that we don’t even seem to care about most of them, but these photos meant absolutely everything to the people in Nicaragua. I’m so grateful that I was able to share God’s love in this way and do it all for His glory.


Whether it’s mission trip memories, wedding pictures or filming a birth, it’s an honor to capture such monumental moments in peoples’ lives. When I take these pictures, I always have the same goal in mind: to create content that makes people feel. It’s one thing to take a picture, it’s something completely different to enable someone to relive their cherished moments over and over again with the same emotion.


Photos have the ability to capture a moment in time that we might never get back. Sometimes all we have left is the picture to go along with a fading memory.


Next time you’re surrounded by people you love – which very well could be Thanksgiving – remember to pause and take a photo so you’ll be able to remember that moment forever.


Mariah_Evans.jpgMariah Evans is CIY’s executive campaign administrator.