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Preteens share the Gospel with ‘Ministry Blocks’ —

By Becca Haines

Preteens all over the country have been sharing the Gospel with their friends by using SuperStart’s Ministry Blocks.

These colorful blocks used at SuperStart events have proven to be the perfect way to connect the Gospel to preteens. The blocks are labeled “God,” “Jesus” and “Us,” and enable students to tell the simple – yet most important – truth in our lives. 


“SuperStart hits the exact message that kids need to hear,” said Jake Niven, preteen pastor with Christ’s Church in Mason, Ohio. “It has short, dynamic teaching. It’s tangible. And it’s age-appropriate. The (blocks) explaining who God is and how we’re important to the story was a home-run.”


Thousands of kids across the U.S. clicked the blocks together this past year, making tremendous and unforgettable moments with Christ.


“I want to show other people the story of Jesus so people can have their sins washed away,” said Zane Browning, 9, with Carterville (MO) Christian Church. “The (blocks) are representing all of us, and how we are when we’re connected – and not connected – to God.”