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Preteen conquers spiritual rough patch by making video —

By Becca Haines

Baylee Belt – a preteen in Coweta, Oklahoma – is so close to her mom, Jamie Holmes, that not only do they make time for “Mommy and Me Dates” when they get their nails done, but they also walk hand-in-hand in faith.

So when Belt was going through some spiritual struggles a few weeks before CIY Believe this year, Holmes said it was heartbreaking.


The Holmes family keeps a faith-filled routine, which made Belt’s “rough patch” particularly hard for her mom to watch. Once a month, Holmes, Belt and her two younger sisters go on prayer walks through their community. And every year the girls’ youth groups at Cedar Ridge Christian Church look forward to annual SuperStart and Believe events. Holmes said she was praying that this year’s Believe conference would help Baylee push through the rough patch she was experiencing.


“This year’s Believe conference was phenomenal,” Holmes said. “The speakers, performers – everything – it felt like it was the best of the best. A couple days after Believe, Baylee sent me a video.”


The video was the Kingdom Worker Challenge from this year’s Believe tour, which is to create a video testimony. Belt’s went like this …


“I am a part of the Church. Who am I? I am Baylee Belt. I am a child of God and a Kingdom worker. Who are you!? I am a Christian. I am a daughter. I am a volleyball player. I am a granddaughter. I am a sister. I am strong. I am created. I know this because I am baptized and I believe that Jesus came back from the dead and saved me. I am loved by Jesus because He loves everybody – even the people who aren’t very good people. He still loves them as much as He loves everybody else.”


“I was ecstatic,” Holmes said. “She was in a place where she’s not all that comfortable, taking the initiative at the age of 11 – when we know she’s been struggling – it was huge. She said the Believe conference just reminded her of who she was, and I was blown away. As parents, we try not to hide our struggles or rough patches from our kids. I didn’t have that growing up, and then when I did grow up I had to learn on my own how to get out of those low moments and grow. I am so proud of Baylee and this step in her faith.”


Ryan Bennett – student minister with Cedar Ridge Christian Church – said Belt’s “I AM” video is the best kind of testament to fellow Kingdom workers.


“It’s very cool to see – especially when you see kids at the sixth grade level grasping these huge concepts,” Bennett said. “I hope Baylee inspires more of her peers to share their stories, too. CIY has a close place in my heart because that’s where I made my decision for the ministry, and it’s so cool to see kids today living in those moments when God is tugging on their hearts.”