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Mission trip gives student revelation on prayer —

By Alyssa Humphreys

Praying is an essential part of Kenyan culture, so I had to get comfortable with it quickly.

Not only is it just prayer, but it is passionate prayer.

It is an everyday, not-just-before-meals type of praying.

One day we went to visit a lady named Margaret. She was really struggling and suffering from a leg injury. Through the whole visit she asked over and over if we could pray for her leg. We came to the end of our visit and that's what we did, but it was nothing like I had ever experienced. We gathered around, put our hands on her and her leg, and started to pray. We prayed not only that she would get medicine or healing in the future … but healing now! Some of the Kenyan people started to pray in Swahili, and I didn’t need to understand what they were saying because I could feel God in the room. They cried as they reached out to God, asking for healing. We walked out leaving Margaret with hope, and our team had a new sense of connection with God.


I thought about that moment and realized something: In America we tend to get caught up in our lives. We pray for the future, or things we want God to give us, which isn’t bad. But in Kenya, these people are praying for the here and now – they rely on God for every meal and every day of living. Although most of us might not be in that situation, I learned that I need to put that into my life.


Pray with the certainty that God is here right in this moment. Don’t wait to pray later. Passionate prayer can connect us to God in ways we may never expect.


Alyssa Humphreys is a 17-year-old who traveled to Kenya this summer with CIY’s Engage team. She is from Central Valley, California.