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Is your phone a bridge or a wall? —

By Eric Epperson

Let your phone be a source of inclusion – not seclusion – for you and your youth group.

A phone can tell you anything you want to know, but a phone can’t replace human connection or experience. CIY’s Æffect team is always using the phone as a bridge – not a wall like it typically is – and do what it was originally intended to do which is to connect people. Our goal is to utilize the tools that are already in the hands of students and show them how to use their resources in a positive way to elevate the Kingdom and connect with others.


Æffect’s latest effort in linking technology with Christ’s call on a student’s life is a new web-based app for mobile devices called “Convos.” Students at Believe and SuperStart this year are going to use “Convos” during small group time. The app serves as a platform on mobile devices that utilizes video content, questions, polls and other interactive elements, and can be placed in the middle of a small group or passed around a circle of students. This development comes from an effort to merge four factors that can make the difference between a good conversation and a great conversation: information, experience, wisdom and presence.


“Convos” takes the pressure off youth leaders to pull conversations out of thin air, and keeps him or her from filling the void with words – because no one likes silence – and instead puts a small screen in the middle of a circle of peers. They can just push play and follow along. We want people to have great conversations because those are the building blocks of discipleship.


Eric_Epperson.jpgEric Epperson is the senior director CIY Æffect. To try “Convos,” follow the action of this year’s Kingdom Worker Week slated Nov. 4-10.