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Impact eternities and bring home 50 years of CIY memories —

By Chris Roberts

Hundreds of stories from CIY’s 50 years of ministry were shared during the evening celebration on Aug. 30, but that wasn’t the only place where those memories have been captured.

A beautiful coffee-table book that captures images, history and stories from the past 50 years has been created. And CIY is now making this book available to anyone who might want a memento or keepsake piece that captures many of their fondest memories from the past.


The book will fit perfectly onto any centerpiece or coffee table – whether in a home or office – and could provide the perfect conversation starter among friends who shared experiences with CIY, or for those curious about the ministry and how Christ is continuing to be glorified through this global organization. It is the perfect book to round out your personal library, and the perfect keepsake for your CIY memories.


And best of all, proceeds from the book will be used to help advance CIY’s ministry through the Multiply campaign.


Below is a brief excerpt from the book.


"When Jace Malek was on his death bed, there was one thing he wanted to make sure everyone knew: He loved Jesus.


The former high school football and wrestling all-star who had been given a full-ride scholarship would say the same thing to anyone who visited him in the hospital. He would tell them to follow Jesus and live their lives as Kingdom workers. It was something he’d been motivated to embrace in his life a year earlier while attending one of CIY’s summer conferences, MOVE. A sporadic church-attender at best at the time, Malek went to MOVE because his girlfriend asked him to come. That event changed his life, and he committed to a life of Kingdom work.


This story is just one of many that have come out of CIY events through the years, and all of them are testament to one of the most important pillars of the ministry: Beyond the Event. While CIY has always existed to create moments at events, mission trips and through resources, the driving purpose behind everything that is created is to inspire young people to live out Kingdom work well beyond any single experience from CIY."


To read more and purchase the book, please click here. And to find out more about CIY’s Multiply campaign and how to help advance the ministry around the world, please go to