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Imagine a million people ... —

By CIY Staff

“The word of the Lord continued to flourish and multiply.” – Acts 12:24

CIY has grown so much over the past year. What started as just a few hundred at a single conference in Oklahoma has multiplied into more than 80,000 people experiencing a CIY event or mission trip every year. This year alone, more than 2,500 students made first-time decisions for Christ with nearly 2,000 more making commitments to pursue vocational ministry.


Praise God for all He is doing through this ministry, and for all of the new opportunities He has put before us. We have a vision and passion to expand the ministry, but we must have your help. 


We’re committed to adding 20 new events over the next three years – including places like Ireland and Canada! As many as 20,000 additional students will be able to hear Christ’s call on their lives to become Kingdom workers. Add that to the 80,000 we already see, and that means CIY will have the ability to minister to more than 100,000 each year! That’s 1 MILLION STUDENTS in a single decade!


But the number is really much bigger than that, because CIY is expanding digitally, too. From films to apps to games to conversation starters … CIY is helping churches just like yours engage with young people in unique ways. The potential to connect with millions of young people WORLDWIDE on mobile devices is a real possibility.


But we can’t do it without your help. To achieve the capital we need to accomplish these awesome opportunities, we need individuals and churches to commit to partnering with CIY.


Please consider how a gift from you could impact more and more students around the world. As CIY prepares for the next decade of ministry, please respond positively and be one of the many individuals or churches that expands the future of Christ In Youth!