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How SuperStart powerfully affected one family —

By Lane Moss

I've forever been an admirer of the SuperStart team and the excellence with which they've run that program, and have said often that I can't wait until my dudes (three sons, ages 6, 8 and 9) are old enough to officially attend!

But after spending the weekend in Tulsa (Feb. 16-17), my appreciation for the program grew 10 times. And then in the days that have followed the weekend, my appreciation has grown another 10 times.


The Monday following SuperStart, we were sitting in the living room with our windows open while the boys were playing in the backyard. Knox (6) was on the back porch smashing something with a hammer.

Before long we noticed that the hammering had stopped and Knox was talking to himself.

We looked out the window and he was holding his SuperStart lanyard, reading the scripture and explaining (to no one in particular) his little avatar he drew on it.


03_27_Lanes_sons_SS.jpgThe Wednesday following SuperStart we had a home dedication for my nana - who is nearing completion on construction of her new house. We went to the house to pray and write prayers and scriptures on the unfinished walls, and I took pictures for a memory book. Canon (9) chose to write on the short side of a stud - so it's crammed on there - but it says: "I love you Nana! Jesus says blessed are those who hear the word of God and keep it." That's what he chose to write - because it's still on his heart - because of the way the Lord has used that program.


I'm thankful for everything the SuperStart team pours into that program. Thank you for your partnership in the spiritual development of my sons. I can't wait until my guys are old enough to officially attend.


Lane Moss is the program director for CIY's MOVE team. Learn more about SuperStart here, and follow the program on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.