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How preteens can face down ‘Gargantor’ —

By Becca Haines

Preteens at SuperStart cheered on Emily Durham – an athlete from Orlando, Florida who has appeared on the NBC television show “American Ninja Warrior” for three seasons – as she demonstrated her agility on the stage.

Patrick Snow, CIY’s senior director of weekend events, said this tour undoubtedly created astonishing and memorable visuals of Christ conquering sin … with help from an obstacle course named “Gargantor.”


Durham and her family joined the SuperStart team to deliver an important Biblical truth to students on the 12-city tour.


“God calls us all as Kingdom workers to go and share His story with other people – our story – with other people,” Snow said. “It’s difficult to do that sometimes. When it comes to sharing what God has done with other people it can feel like we’re facing this really big obstacle. On this tour we’re going to be talking about how to overcome the obstacles that we face when it comes to sharing the things that God has done for us with other people.”


After communicating with youth pastors across the country, Snow explained what it is that keeps preteens from sharing their story.


“They don’t feel like they have one; or there’s fear; or it’s not something they’re motivated to do because they don’t think about it or see the purpose behind it,” Snow said. “We’re excited for this tour – It’s going to be great. Understanding that we all have a story because Jesus died for us is the big picture. When we say ‘conquering Gargantor,’ we’re talking about conquering the difficult things that keep us from sharing the stories of God in our lives.”


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