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How I creatively learned how to connect with the Father —

By Elke Fallas

As I’ve grown in life and faith, I’ve learned that connecting with God can take more forms than the obvious. I’ve learned there’s an art to creative connectivity.


Though not a “traditional method,” using the gifts and talents you have as a way of relating with God is important for deepening your connection with Him. In my faith, I do this through art – specifically painting and hand-lettering. I was a freshman at Ozark Christian College when I learned that I can truly connect to the Father by doing artistic things I love.


I had an assignment to go through all four of the Gospels and was running out of time … as well as capacity. I needed a break for my mind, but also needed to finish my homework. I began to listen to my Bible, and as I did, I grabbed a notebook and began drawing the words I heard. This helped me focus, comprehend and truly connect to the words I was hearing. It also sparked an idea. 

From that moment on, whenever reading and studying began to feel routine, I started finding a word or phrase that resonated with me. I would draw and write those words, and it made me take in each piece of the phrase, contemplate the meaning and how it could apply in my life.

Art allowed me to connect with my Creator and appreciate the originality of His creation. The beauty of nature shined in a new light for me. I saw the inventiveness He used to make each person unique, and how each gift He has given us is an arrow back to Him and a piece of who He is.


Using art enables me to grasp the words God has for me. And often I’m able to create something that may spark a thought in someone else. Since that day of revelation during my freshman year of college, I’ve created pieces from songs of praise or hand-crafted quotes that have spoken wisdom into my life. I love giving these pieces as gifts in hopes of inspiring others to take in words that resonate with them and to use their gifts to connect with the Father.

I encourage you to find your creative way to connect to God. Be it with words, music or speech – while outdoors or with digital tools – there is always a way to find a connection to the Father. I challenge you to look inside, find your gift and then find a way to use it in ways that bring you closer to the Father.


CIY2017-Color-40.jpgElke Fallas is a MIX program coordinator for Christ In Youth.