Preteen -

Groups that play together, stay together —

By Patrick Snow

Plug ‘n' Play is a time during the SuperStart weekend when youth groups have a blast together, but it goes a lot further than just a few fun hours over lunchtime.

08_12_SS.JPGAt Christ In Youth, we want students to connect with each other – not only with each other but also with their adult leaders. We want SuperStart to be that time for fourth through sixth graders. What we know about preteens is they still connect and relate to each other through play. That’s why it’s important for us to design into the program a time when the adult leaders can do that with their students. That’s why it’s called “Plug ‘n' Play” – it’s plugging in with one another and connecting together through times of play.


The best Plug ‘n' Play is when youth leaders figure out how to connect with their students. Sometimes that requires money, but it doesn’t have to. Sometimes groups will go to a go-kart track, or an arcade, or bowling, or swimming. But we’ve also seen some leaders sit outside the SuperStart venue and play games in the grass … and that doesn’t cost a dime. The best Plug ‘n' Play is when the leader puts a lot of thought in ahead of time about how to connect with their students. They know their students and what will work and what will be fun.


Patrick Snow is CIY’s senior director of weekend events. This year’s SuperStart tour, “Conquering Gargantor: Overcoming the Obstacles of Sharing Your Story,” will kick off in October. To register, click here.