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God uses 2 overseas moments to teach about prayer —

By Aubree Franz

I never really understood what it meant to pray before I went on an Engage trip to Northern Ireland with my youth group last year.

After growing up under a constant Christian influence, praying was something I did before meals or when I needed to ask God for something. I never knew that God wanted to teach me specific things or that I could connect with the Holy Spirit by simply praying.


Two moments in particular during the Engage trip taught me what prayer can be.


1. Before it even started. Fundraising has always been a source of worry for me, but God showed me that He holds everything in His hands – including finances. I prayed and asked the Lord to provide for every single person in the group. Our church – Central Christian Church – participated in several events for our trip and we ended up raising enough money for everyone. I was so humbled that the Lord provided for us in this way. The fundraising experience taught me about faithful servants of the Church and it reassured me that it was His plan for all of us to go.


2. An ask for healing. I saw the power of the Holy Spirit during a visit from a local Irish friend of the missionaries we were staying with. After he shared his story, he told us about his back pain that has been hindering his daily life. I’ve never witnessed the Holy Spirit physically healing someone – and honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I believed in it. I wanted to see his back healed so I joined the group in praying over him. As we did this, I started to truly believe that God would heal Him. God taught me a lesson about trusting Him and His power. This story changed my life forever because it removed all the doubt I had about the power of prayer and the things God will do through simply believing in His power.


My prayer life and personal relationship with the Lord changed drastically because of moments like these in Northern Ireland. When we came home, we started to live out the principles God taught us about prayer in our community. There’s been a new spark in our church and the importance of prayer has been emphasized – we even started a new worship and prayer night every Sunday.


It is amazing to see what God will do if we truly put our faith in Him.


Aubree Franz is 19 years old and lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Her testimony was a featured story for the Engage program last summer during the MOVE tour.