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From Fortnite to Christ - How to listen with redemptive ears —

By Kevin Durham

When we listen well with redemptive ears – hear someone’s story but listen for the longings they have in their heart for the Gospel – we will know their story in the way that Christ would already know someone.

That’s what I’m passionate about – seeing trust transpire with younger generations. Because to give an ear is the best way to tell a story. Let me give you an example of a conversation I had with a young man at Starbucks not long ago:


“I see you’re into Fortnite.”


“There’s some crazy dances in that game.”

“Aw I know! I like this one.”

“What got you into video games?”

“Eh, I was just bored.”

“Oh from what? Your job?”


“You must like Starbucks.”

“Nah, I’m just trying to pay for stuff while I’m going to school.”

“Oh, what are you studying?”

“I want to be a doctor.”

“Oh that’s cool. Why a doctor?”

“Well my dad died when I was 4.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah – from cancer … It was the toughest year of my life.”

“What about your mom? Where’s she?”

“She’s addicted to drugs.”

“You live with that?”

“Well I was homeless for a while.”


The Apostle Paul says you must become all things to all people to reach some. As people who want to lead more to Christ, what we need to do consistently is show up – that seems to be the most powerful thing – coupled with listening.


The younger generation has a lot to say because they’re not saying anything. They’re online. There’s a lot of words trapped inside them and they’re waiting for someone to ask and listen to whatever they have to say without judgement. When they get those things out there it builds trust.


All it takes is a listening ear.


Kevin Durham is a speaker on this year’s SuperStart tour and is married to Emily Durham – the American Ninja Warrior also on the tour. Kevin’s ministry is called “This Is My Story,” where he shares inspiring messages and testimonies from athletes around the country. Learn more about it here.