Missions -

Do you hear the call to go? —

By CIY Staff

Christ In Youth is in a three-week stretch of international mission work.

Right now, there is an Engage mission team in Northern Ireland, and two more teams are destined for the country in the next few weeks. Please remember these teams in your prayers, and ask the Lord to bless relationships and let His eternal love shine through these journeys.

There are many opportunities to serve the Lord overseas with CIY. Do you hear the call?



This year, CIY's Engage program will send mission teams to: Northern Ireland, Ireland, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Kenya, and Haiti. Learn more about Engage here.


Here's just one perspective on how a mission trip to Northern Ireland changed a life.


"The Northern Ireland trip challenged me to live more intentionally for Christ. It challenged me to bring to life the mission lifestyle in my daily living. I find it so much harder to live the mission at home than in a foreign place. Home is where you're comfortable, where people know you and your dirt, and where you gotta pay the bills. But He is the same God in Northern Ireland as He is in my city. RIOT showed me it is possible to do grass-root mission work! If they can do it, why can't I? After all, isn't that what Jesus did?"

- Gita de la Vega
Northern Ireland mission team member from January 2018