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CIY looks to 2019 and beyond —

By Ryan Claborn

As part of the 50th anniversary celebration this year, CIY developed a beautiful coffee-table book with stories, history and pictures from the past 50 years.

Included in the book was an excerpt written by Senior Director of Operations Ryan Claborn about CIY’s expanding headquarters. As CIY looks toward 2019 and beyond, the physical footprint of the organization takes on greater global implications.


The following is an excerpt from the book. To purchase a book – proceeds of which go toward CIY’s Multiply campaign – please click here.


Completed in 2001, the current offices of Christ In Youth are the longest-standing of the five locations CIY has called home over its first 50 years of ministry. The layout of four wings with a central lobby was originally created to fit the four-department structure of the organization at the time it was designed: Conferences, Missions, Resources and Administration. Over the years, changes in organizational structure has led to different groups being housed in the wings, but even more noticeable is how full the building is in 2018 with 60-plus employees, compared to 2001 when 17 people moved into the 19,000-square-foot structure.


Over the last decade, cosmetic and functional renovations have been completed with new paint colors in some areas, stained concrete in the lobby replacing carpet, and a shift toward smaller desks. The most significant change to the facility, however came in the wake of a small fire in what was originally an attached garage space. The smoke from that fire necessitated gutting the garage and opened the door to renovating it as additional office, meeting and functional space. This renovation provided 20 much-needed additional work spaces. Future renovations to the existing office building could add work space for 20-30 additional staff members over the next few years by utilizing available space above certain portions of the building where the structural height is sufficient for a second floor to be added.


With a growing staff and limited space, creative solutions have been used to make efficient use of space. Employees sharing an office with one or more others is common. The highly collaborative culture of CIY also requires sufficient and flexible space for staff to hold meetings and brainstorming sessions. Originally designed with three meeting rooms, CIY’s offices now have five meeting rooms of varied size – all of which are used frequently.


As CIY’s production capabilities increased, the need to build a facility to store and maintain equipment, as well as build props and load trucks, became apparent. Following the acquisition of 20 acres adjacent to CIY’s existing property, a 17,600-square-foot warehouse was completed in 2017.


Looking to the future, CIY plans to construct an addition to the existing office building to address the need for dedicated space to film and produce large volumes of video content (as many as 130-plus projects per year in 2018). Extending off the east end of the existing office building, the addition would provide three film studios, editing space for a growing film department, a large underground storm shelter and a conference center designed to facilitate gatherings of 100-plus.