Preteen -

Can you share your story as honestly as these preteens? —

By Becca Haines

CIY believes preteens are made to be Kingdom workers – fully equipped with incredible honesty and bravery. 

And there’s no better time than now to get them talking about the way God is moving in their lives.


This year’s SuperStart tour is empowering preteens to utilize the modern tools at their fingertips to share what God has done in their lives by posting short testimonial videos on social media with the hashtag #ciysuperstart. The first stop of the 2018/2019 SuperStart tour was Oct. 12-13 in St. Louis, and in that crowd was Rochelle Gerdts, the children’s minister with Forum Christian Church from Columbia, Missouri.


“Our group loved every minute of the SuperStart weekend,” Gerdts said. “SuperStart does such a fantastic job of giving everything application. Everyone in our group had a story, and they all shared their story during small group time. They’re still talking about it, and I’ve found that to be true every year with SuperStart.”


Jacob McCullough, 10, didn’t hesitate to share his story about how he learned this past summer to value his family’s needs over his desires.



“Jacob is an only child and for him to get a dog was like getting a playmate,” Gerdts said. “I know it was a very hard situation for the family when the dad was having allergic reactions to the dog; and the Sunday after they had to get rid of the dog was a struggle. Jacob is an amazing example to the other kids in the youth group and to me. He steps up to praise God and isn’t afraid to show his faith. It was no surprise to me when he posted his story online. He puts God first in so many ways in his life.”


Izzy Pixcar, 12, shared her story on facing asthma and the fears surrounding her battle to breathe, and how God is setting her up for a life of Kingdom work.



“Izzy is a welcome guest in our community,” Gerdts said. “She seems grounded in her faith, and it’s encouraging to know there are parents out there investing in their children’s hearts for Jesus, and that the kids can apply what they’re learning. It’s so important for kids at this age to start practicing talking about Jesus because it’s going to keep building as they get older. It’s going to build on to their confidence and it’s going to build on to their awareness of how much God is moving in their lives, and to not take it for granted.”