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Are you grateful to grow – even when it hurts? —

By Becca Haines

A year ago, I would pass on opportunities to serve in the Church … Not anymore.

God has moved so much in my life this past year. The way I think, the way I see people and the way I pray has changed, and that change started where we all find ourselves: Broken.


I didn’t want to think about my relationship with Jesus a year ago because I had the selfish mindset of, “I’m a good person,” and “Jesus knows my heart.” Looking back – he certainly did, and that’s why He plucked me from a different life in order for me to see what I was meant to be: a servant in His Kingdom.


When my church announced that sponsors were needed to send high school students to MOVE this summer, I didn’t make any excuses – I signed up. They assigned me a name of a student to pray for, and I carried that name with me wherever I went – literally on a keychain – and I did my best to pray for a young stranger at a conference in Durango, Colorado.


Not long after the conference, I got a note in the mail. It was a thank you from the student, saying how grateful she was for the opportunity and that she was on fire for God. She thanked me, saying without my help she wouldn’t have been able to attend.


I still cry about it because deep down I know it wasn’t me – It was Jesus.


There is so much about me that is ugly, but everything Jesus does through me is beautiful. Jesus moved in me in that moment when I said I’d join CIY, and He continued to work on my heart so that I would spiritually grow and sign up to sponsor that exact student this summer. God knew all along that He would use my life to make an impact on this individual – just like He wants me to tell stories for His glory.


So really, this is my thank you note.


Thanks and praise to God for His miraculous works, thanks to the CIY ministry and all it does to amplify God’s calling on not just students’ lives – but everyone’s life that surrounds it ... Because it has amplified His call on mine.


“As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend.” – Proverbs 27:17


Becca.jpgBecca Haines is a communications coordinator for Christ In Youth.