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6 fall activities you must do with your youth group —

By Becca Haines

A change in the season can bring a positive change to your youth group, too.

Here are six awesome activities youth leaders can do with their youth groups this fall. These experiences can create moments of fun, community-building, Kingdom work and cherished memories for years to come.


Bonfire. Let your students collect the wood and twigs – everyone can take ownership in making this scene happen. Grab some marshmallows and hot dogs and ask your worship team to play some songs around the fire. A bonfire under the stars creates a feeling of warmth and simple transparency between the dark and light. And there’s something about gathering around a fire that’s perfect for sharing stories – which gives you a great opportunity to set the stage for your Bible teaching for the semester.


Corn maze. If you have an adventures group, a corn maze is a great fall activity to do together. If the group wants to divide and conquer, just make sure everyone has a buddy and turn them loose. In this moment, it’s healthy to experience the feeling of “being lost” and “getting turned around.” What a great topic to address later when everyone reunites!


Take a hike. Fall should be enjoyed for its cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage. If you live near a scenic route, trail or mountain – use it! Tell your group to wear comfortable shoes, pack some water and hit the road. Take in God’s creation and let it overwhelm you. Use this moment to do an outdoor Bible lesson or present the group with a topic for discussion or prayer.


Rake some leaves. Find someone in your community who could use some help with their yard and offer to rake their leaves. This is a great form of Kingdom work because not only did your group show this person God’s love by doing a difficult chore, they brightened their day. If you need to raise some funds for one of your upcoming CIY events, this could be a good way to get the entire church involved. Let it be known that the youth group will be doing fall yardwork as a way of raising funds for the upcoming trip.


Mums for moms. This activity is a great opportunity for your youth group to show their moms how much they’re loved and appreciated. This sweet and simple act of collecting and delivering mum flowers to moms is a great way for your youth group to serve the whole church. It may seem small, but a lasting plant can be a constant reminder of God’s love.


Tailgate. Do any members of your youth group play football? By bringing the whole group to a game, you’re supporting those student-athletes, having fun together and showing others the meaning of church family. A common misconception of the Church is that we only get together on Sunday mornings. Show your students how Kingdom workers shine God’s love in all the places and seasons of life. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you could ask some of your older students to help you organize a Fifth Quarter event, as well, inviting other young people from the community to your church after the game for fun activities, food and community building.


Becca Haines is a communications coordinator for Christ In Youth.