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5 reasons why SuperStart is a win —

By Kayleigh Link

Our church has sent preteens to SuperStart for many years because we love the intentionality in the ways the program reaches the age group of fourth through sixth grade students.

Here’s five specific reasons why I thought it was such a positive experience for our group this year:


1. The worship. It’s done in a way that is relatable to the kids and has a way of telling them that they are valued and what they’re experiencing in this stage of life is important.


2. The theme. Our group was so excited about this year’s American Ninja Warrior theme with competitor Emily Durham on the stage. Instead of a storybook character, the kids had a real person to meet, look up to and maybe even see on TV someday. The way she delivers the message that her abilities glorify God – and whatever abilities students have can glorify God, too – is just awesome. 


3. The program. SuperStart comes across as relational – we’re having fun – and then turns totally conversational when it comes time for the meat of the message.


4. The Convos app. We thought the new Convos app was great. Overall, the app served as a great way to interact, and the kids enjoyed passing around the phone.


5. The Small Group time. I highly recommend youth groups going to SuperStart because that time together is something you can’t duplicate in once-a-week interactions. The conference creates those relationships – solidifies bonds between youth leaders and students in a different way – and it’s all experienced in a short amount of time. I would also encourage youth leaders to bring students who are new to their church because of the positive relationships that come from the conference. It involves them in the whole group, and then they’re excited to come to church when they have those friendships.


02_09_Kayleigh.jpgKayleigh Link is the children’s ministry program director for Generations Christian Church in Trinity, Florida.