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4 ways preteens can follow Jesus … from a preteen —

By Cindy Branton

I recently asked my preteen daughter Brielle to share her thoughts about how preteens can follow Jesus.

She was baptized last December and has committed her life to following Jesus. Here are the four things she pointed to for preteens like her to follow Jesus:


1. You can read your Bible. When you can understand more of what happened and figure out what the harder words mean, you can know more of what God’s story means. You are older and you can apply it to your own life and use the Bible to help with whatever you are struggling with.


2. You can be more specific with your words when you pray. Because you are older, you can ask God more questions. You know that He can help you. When you are a preteen you run into more problems, and when you pray God hears you and can help you.


3. You can spend alone time with God. You can spend time in nature and see what God has created and enjoy Him. If you see something cool, you know that He’s with you reminding you that He’s there. God has used this time to help me think of ways I can encourage someone.


4. You can talk to grownups. Grownups know how to help you with your real problems. They can talk you through things and help you know what to do and what to say when you are having difficulties. Your parents – or a trusted adult, like an aunt or uncle or your youth leader – can pray for you and help you know how to pray.


Cindy Branton is the social media manager for CIY’s Believe and SuperStart programs. She is also the proud parent of Brielle, Braelyn and Briarly. Her email is