Missions -

3 best ways a group can fundraise —

By Brad Warren

The CIY Engage team has seen God move and provide for youth groups wanting to go on international mission trips.

Here are three fundraising ideas for groups looking for ways to take the financial stress away.


1. The Kirk of the Hills Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma started “Soup-er Sunday.” This successful fundraiser precedes every mission trip their youth group attends. Soup-er Sunday is an all-church lunch where students get slow cookers full of donated soup, and serve as waiters and waitresses for the congregation. The church family enjoys a warm lunch for their donation and gets to meet the youth participating on the trip. We love this event because the group makes several thousand dollars and the students get to share about their encounters with God.


2. The youth group at Central Christian Church of St. Petersburg, Florida was preparing for their Engage trip to Northern Ireland and decided to have a bake sale. The group simply asked for donated baked goods from their church family. When they had sold every delicious crumb they realized they had enough money to fully fund their trip!


3. Vernal Christian Church’s youth group hosted a painting class to help four students attend an Engage trip. Close to 190 people showed up to paint, and the students raised $8,000! Sometimes, a fun and unique opportunity encourages people you wouldn’t expect to come out and support your group.


Brad.jpgBrad Warren is an Engage program administrator for Christ In Youth. His email is brad.warren@ciy.com.