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Cambodia Medical Update 4

Posted: Monday, January 08, 2018

Trip Update #4
By Linda Delagrange

No medical credentials, but having a blast! Yesterday we rode a boat to have church at Women's Island!
Nothing makes my throat swell and eyes tear up like hearing brothers and sisters in Christ across the world worshipping, praising and reading scripture in their native language.
The Gospel is most certainly for everyone, not just America. And God has blessed more than just America. God is at work here in Cambodia long before we came and long after we go. Praise Him for that truth.
The church service included many special songs and dances that the youth and women of the church put together for us. We had the honor of singing a song as a team. Leila and Eric sang a gorgeous Lauren Daigle song together. We got to hear devos from Pat and Eric as well as a sermon from Rick. What an honor it is to strive to live a life worthy of the calling we've received.
After church, we got a tour of Women's Island. We got to see how far the island has come from the times of the Khmer Rouge where a prison was located on the island and areas where women and children were killed. It is difficult knowing the atrocities that have taken place there, but there is so much hope there too. There's a thriving church and God is at work there.
We ate lunch on the island, prepared by the women living or serving there.
We then set up our first clinic in the church! I am at the eye glasses station. I was able to take it all in and see the church being the church. We got to look the Cambodian people in the eyes and serve them. It was amazing to see our team working together as one to serve people. Anywhere from physicians to dentists to nurses to students bringing their gifts for the glory of God.
It was a fun experience to watch people light up when they could see. They were so thankful to have a pair of glasses.
Cambodia and the people here have captured my heart. Today we head to do another clinic at the Rapha House Kids Club!

  • Cambodia Medical Update 4

  • January 04 - January 15, 2018
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