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Poland Update 6

Posted: Friday, July 19, 2019

Dzień dobry! 

Right now it’s early morning on Friday here in Zakościele, so nothing has happened on our side of the globe quite yet, but yesterday was a full day of lessons, games, and continuing the mission of Proem Ministries by building relationships with the kids, most importantly. After our morning routine of meetings and breakfast, the team split off into our classroom groups and taught English lessons with a focus on “Exploring Together.” My students in particular, called Team Florida, learned the English words for things like mountains, campfires, hiking, snow, etc. Then, our class of thirteen sweet girls took to the outdoors to find each thing, scavenger-hunt style. After classes and lunch, our CIY team had the opportunity to tour Proem’s new school facility. It was amazing! I loved seeing the way God had provided for their ministry SO wholly, allowing them to have an even larger impact. 

This week of camp is about to come to a close, but Proem’s story is far from over, and we’re all honored and grateful to witness it. Please keep our team in your prayers as we prepare to pack up and get moving this weekend! 

Molly Storms