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Poland Update: 5

Posted: Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hello from Poland! It’s Haley here and I have the privilege of sharing the Tuesday update:
Today, we went to school and were able to be with different age groups each class period. We stopped at the high school first and were given the honor of teaching conversational English to the students there. It was an amazing gift to be able to take time out of the day to learn their stories, hear about their hobbies and interests, and encourage them in their language ability for a short while. Then, we went back to the elementary school and divided into groups to go back into the classrooms. I was with the younger children in third grade where we drew animals, played games with Kaitlyn, and practiced asking questions in both English and Polish. After that, we all went with Rachel, an American English teacher, to continue on to other grade levels. Others were able to help Teresa, also an American teacher, act out a play in her classroom. I left the school full of immense joy because of these precious students who simply made me (and everyone else) feel loved. They shared kind words with me, gave the sweetest hugs, and reminded us all of the joy that we should continually hold as children of God. Our time at Proem Edu was done for the day after that, so we headed to an afterschool program in Tomaszow. We played games with the kids that they loved (thanks to Elizabeth!) and Mike brought a Polaroid camera that took pictures they could keep. I am thankful for the connections made with these kids as they did not speak much English but were still able to communicate to me that God is present and working in their lives. We finished the day with pizza at the Krozier home with John, Zaba, David, Tomak, and Zofia. They shared with us encouraging, honest stories about their lives in Poland and their time with Proem ministry. For me, it was a gentle, graceful, and beautiful reminder of my purpose here. It was truly the highlight of my day to simply listen, as I find that God is teaching me more and more what it means to stop making things about myself and make them instead about what He has called me to. Today, that meant listening and reminding myself that people matter, and time truly doesn’t. Tomorrow, it may mean something different, and that is OK. To see the greatness of His love in a new way each day is incredible. The Lord proves His goodness time and time again, and I am so thankful for that. Please continue to pray for us and our hearts as we join Him in this beautiful place for another day.
All because of Jesus,
Haley Ramsey