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Poland Update 4

Posted: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Good evening everyone!

Today is day 3 at Zako camp. We had a staff meeting this morning at 7:30 and David H. gave an amazing devotional for everyone to get ready for the day. After breakfast we went to the morning session with the kids and then took the rest of our time to prepare for our English classes at 11:00. Everyone seems to be enjoying their classes and are doing a great job making lesson plans. After lunch a few members of the team went for a bike ride into town. While those went into town a few of us stayed back to build igloos, out of cardboard, for our activity on Thursday. However, the directions were in Polish, so it took us two hours to figure out how to build one. We went to our evening meeting and Cheyenne D. Had an amazing opportunity to bring the word to the kids. She did such a fantastic job and had help from the rest of the team to hold signs with the English and polish words of what love is. After the meeting a few of us got to play Just Dance with the kids and just get to know them more. We just finished our debriefing time and are about to play games or go to bed because everyone is very tired, but we had an amazing third day here in Zako and we are very excited for tomorrow!

Best Wishes, 

Jess Whiting