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Poland Update 1

Posted: Sunday, July 14, 2019

Warsaw, Poland - time: 10:00pm 7/13/19

Hello!! Greetings from Poland. We’ve had a long two full days of travel. I’m sitting here about to fall asleep but wanted to send an update to the family and friends back home in the US. We all met up with our group in JFK and took off from there at around 9pm. Our flight was just short of 7 hours to Zurich, Switzerland. From there we hustled to the sky tram to board our flight to Warsaw. When we got to the boarding gate we realized that we weren’t boarding a plane, but a bus! The bus took us straight off to the plane and we actually boarded onto the plane on the runway. From there we had a two hour flight straight to Warsaw. We then met Gary and Kuba after collecting our bags. They shuffled us to old town Warsaw where we had sometime to shop and see what old town had to offer. We ate a traditional Polish meal and then made our way to the camp. We just got finished with our meeting at Proem and are off to bed!! Talk soon. 

-Megan S.