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Northern Ireland Summer Madness Update 4

Posted: Wednesday, July 03, 2019

The team in Northern Ireland completed their time at the Summer Madness festival and has moved on to the second leg of the trip, which is Street Reach. Summer Madness was an amazing experience, and many of the students on the trip have shared experiences where they saw the Holy Spirit at work in amazing ways. God is stirring hearts and revealing truths, and everyone on the trip is learning new things about themselves and God’s Kingdom. 

While serving at Street Reach we will be split up into four teams that will go out into the community of Mossley and work to connect the people of the area to the local church. One group will go to homes and pray for people in the community. One group will go to a local park and interact and pray for the people there. One group will do clean up projects in the community. And one group will conduct a VBS for the younger children in the area. 

Please pray that God would continue to provide strength and energy for this portion of the trip. Pray that we would be present and purposeful in the moments God puts before us. And pray that we would be open and discerning with the things God is revealing about ourselves and our purpose in His Kingdom.

  • Northern Ireland Summer Madness Update 4

  • June 25 - July 08, 2019
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