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Northern Ireland Summer Madness Update 3

Posted: Tuesday, July 02, 2019

The team in Northern Ireland has been in the thick of helping at Summer Madness for the past few days. Summer Madness is a large festival for young people, with more than 2,000 people in attendance. There are main sessions and breakout seminars and games and worship and it’s generally just a fantastic atmosphere. Our team is serving as event staff - doing things like checking in people at gates and helping park cars and cleaning up “rubbish” around the venue. It makes for long days - from 7 am to midnight most days. It’s also very cold here, and has been rainy. The combination makes for hard but fulfilling days knowing that we’re partnering with churches here in Northern Ireland to do good Kingdom work, but also exhausting work. We’re looking forward to moving to jordanstown university on Tuesday, where we can have hot showers and comfortable beds and a full night’s sleep. 

We’ve had the opportunity to get to know quite a few of the young people from Connor Youth group, with whom we will be serving throughout the rest of the trip during street reach. 

Please pray for our team to have energy and remain healthy throughout the rest of summer madness, and throughout the rest of the trip. Also please continue to pray that we would be able to have great conversations with the people God oIt’s around us, so that we would build strong relationships. And lastly, please pray that our team would be open to the things God wants to teach us on this trip. Already He has given us a bigger picture of the Church, and seeing that play out in incredible ways has been amazing to experience.

  • Northern Ireland Summer Madness Update 3

  • June 25 - July 08, 2019
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