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Northern Ireland Summer Madness Update 2

Posted: Friday, June 28, 2019

The team has had a whirlwind 36 hours after landing in Dublin early Wednesday morning. We rode a bus from Dublin to Belfast and arrived at our housing facility. In hopes of beating jet lag, we opted to immediately leave the house and explore the city and keep ourselves awake until bedtime that evening. So we took a long walk through Belfast, visiting a museum and a beautiful botanical garden. That exploration continued throughout the day on Thursday as we walked about 10 miles all around the city and learned about the history of the country and the impact of “The Troubles” on the culture of the people here. We visited an Anglican cathedral and learned about how the church is making an impact on bringing peace and healing to a country and people long associated with violence and division. We walked along the Shankhill Road and saw all of the murals associated with the violence and division of the past. We walked along a peace wall - a giant wall that separates the catholic community from the Pentecostal community because the physical manifestation of that division often led to bombings and gunfire in the 1980s and 90s.  We prayed for God to continue the work he has done for years in bringing peace to that region, and we prayed for the people who need to fully realize the hope of Christ and His Kingdom. 

Already God is showing our team amazing things. We’re getting a bigger picture of the church, and we’re seeing the incredible ways in which He is already at work in this place. We’re jointing together with brothers and sisters of the faith here in Northern Ireland, and we’re growing closer as a team. God is already stirring hearts and bringing things to light for our team, and it’s obvious that the Holy Spirit is at work on this trip. 

Please continue to pray for us as we move on to the next leg of our trip - serving as event staff for the Summer Madness youth festival. There will be thousands of young people at this festival, and we have the opportunity to serve and build new relationships. Pray for energy over the course of the next four days. Pray for wisdom and the right words to say when we need to say them. Pray that we would be responsive and present in the moments that God puts before us. And pray that we would be walking examples of the hope of Christ in our lives.

  • Northern Ireland Summer Madness Update 2

  • June 25 - July 08, 2019
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