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Northern Ireland Salt Factory 2 Update 4

Posted: Sunday, July 28, 2019

On Friday we wrapped up both kids clubs at the school and at the church. With the amount of hours we’d spent with them over the course of the week, the last day was bittersweet. There was one of the older boys who was at the school club who we’d been praying for during the week because he kept saying he didn’t believe in God. Well, on Friday morning he volunteered to do the opening prayer! We pray and hope this was just the beginning and God continues to put people in his life that will point him to Jesus. The morning club looked very similar to what we’d been doing all week, and then a final prize was given to the team with the overall most points!

The evening club at the church looked a bit different on Friday night. We did a family bbq with multiple rounds of games that teams and families could participate in. After we had played games and eaten burgers, we had a short lesson and sang a couple of songs. This was really cool because the parents were in the room as well and heard the lesson about the Gospel. We’re praying for the hearts of those parents. We pray they see that Jesus and the Church is the answer. We pray it’s a place they feel loved and known and it’s a place of grace and forgiveness. 

On Saturday we took a very typical Northern Ireland sightseeing tour and drove up to the north coast. First stop was Dunluce Castle which sits right on the edge of a cliff. That was followed by the ever so iconic Giants Causeway. There was a short hike to get to the causeway, but the sights along the way were incredible. It seems impossible to look out over the rocks and cliffs and green grass and ocean and not acknowledge the Creator. Such beautiful landscape. The next stop was at a rocky beach which had some much smaller cliffs that people can jump off of into the water. Several of the team did it! The water was very cold, but watching them enjoy the experience was so fun! Many of the locals couldn’t believe people were swimming without wetsuits, but hey, when in Northern Ireland.....swim in the freezing water. Ha! After this we stoped in a small coastal town and had some very delicious and freshly caught fish and chips. It only seemed right to be eating that meal on the coast. The last stop was the Dark Hedges, a tunnel of trees that have made such a unique look along the road. 

It was a long day of being out and about, but to be here and to fully experience the beauty of this place is amazing. Our God is so creative!

We’ve been so grateful for this week. We’ve learned so much and God has shown us more of His heart for His people. We have one more full day and are still expectant for Jesus to show us more! Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We’ve felt it this week and are thankful you’re part of this experience with us.

  • Northern Ireland Salt Factory 2 Update 4

  • July 18 - July 29, 2019
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