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Northern Ireland Salt Factory 1 Update 7

Posted: Saturday, June 22, 2019

Today was a really unique day for our group(s). We split up into two teams to visit two schools Salt had never been to before, so it created some really cool opportunities for Salt to get plugged in and for us to continue sharing Jesus with students!

One of the groups experienced students who were closed off to religion (the Bible, faith, Church, etc) when it came time for the devotion. The situation was handled extremely well, but it just goes to show that what we’re doing is incredibly necessary. And what Salt is doing is cutting down weeds, plowing fields, planting seeds, watering the plants, and, when the time comes, harvesting the crops. There’s much work to be pray for Salt and Kingdom-shakers to rise up to continue reaching these kids who are growing up with disdain for the Church.

On another note, we closed out our week of serving in the schools and at HBC at Trinity Methodist with a celebration night at the church! They put on a BBQ and had some games for the families of the kids who attended throughout the week. They had a GREAT turnout, and it was fun to see the culmination of the hard work we did throughout the week—seeing the families together having fun was a beautiful thing. Pray for the long term ministry of the church, that the events like this will continue to lead people to Jesus.

Over the next two days our group will be decompressing by doing a bit of site seeing and attending church at Trinity on Sunday. Pray for healthy and powerful dialogue/conversations as we look to apply the things we’ve learned on this trip.

Grace & Peace.

  • Northern Ireland Salt Factory 1 Update 7

  • June 13 - June 24, 2019
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