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Northern Ireland Salt Factory 1 Update 4

Posted: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

We had a very busy (and full) day. We met at Killowen Primary in the morning and spent time with 9 different age groups throughout the day. It was an incredible time, and our group had a blast playing with all the kids, teaching them about different sports and participating with the kids. After 3 o’clock we headed over to Trinity Methodist to prep for the evening. All the groups are having a solid time with their kids that come to HBC! Turnout for HBC the first night was around 65, and it was nearly 100 tonight! Be in prayer not just for our group, but also for the Trinity volunteers as well as all the children coming in the evening.

With it being night 5, we’re all feeling a little tired. A simple prayer that God might fill us with a bit of rest and energy would go a long way.

Thanks you for following our updates! God is moving, and it’s incredible to witness. And we thank you for your support!

Until next time, grace & peace.

  • Northern Ireland Salt Factory 1 Update 4

  • June 13 - June 24, 2019
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