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Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 9

Posted: Saturday, January 12, 2019

Hey everyone, Kat here. 

Today, we hiked up the mountains… we saw a castle… and we ran through a maze.

While all of that was grand, the most amazing part was watching the students worship together one last time. Ireland and USA together, side by side as brothers and sisters in Christ. We shared many tears today which is only one sign that the trip has changed each of our lives. I am rendered speechless by my thankfulness. So, I thought it best to hear from the team tonight.

“Today was the last day and, although sad, it was absolutely, positively incredible. God helped each and every one of us conquer so many past fears, trials, and lies throughout the week – and I felt like it all led up to this moment today. We climbed to the top of one of the Mourne Mountains, which wasn’t easy in the least, and as we reached the top, we were able to see all of God’s wonderful creation in it’s entirety. It was picturesque, it was beautiful, we did it together, and we thank God for every last moment. Until next time Northern Ireland xoxo.” -Tory

“The end of an event like this is never fun, because we have to leave and go back to our lives. For me, this event was a truly unique experience. Being able to go into another nation, learn about them, and be a part of their culture is beyond wonder. Being able to hike around and be a part of the amazing locations of nature such as the Peace Maze, Tolleymore, and the Mourne Mountains was a true gift. Just as excited as I was to come on this trip, I’m excited to head back and see what God has in store for me heading back, as we move along one day at a time down the path He has set for each of us.“ ~ Gannon

“Today, I learned to rest in God’s presence and glory. I’ve started to accept when my physical body needs a break as well as needing a mental breather. This trip was full of so many new views including seeing the ocean for the first time! I’m so grateful for the multiple ways that God has provided.” – Taylor

“This trip God put something on heart that I was able to share with the youth and help some people out. I got to experience some amazing moments and learn to have a new appreciation for my country. I met wonderful lifelong friends that I can talk about anything with and know that they will always be there for me.” – Rachel

“Every single day we have been here, has been amazing. Even the days where we were tired and on top of a mountain somewhere. From the mountains, to the ocean, to the forest, to the rolling hills, God’s power and creativeness was everywhere. In the people as well. The relationships that were created in the RIOT youth center and the house were full of love and joy and leaving is quite bittersweet. I am so thankful for every single moment here and cannot wait to see what God holds in the next chapters of life for us all.” -Mo

“This week has been such a life changing experience. I never imagined how close the relationships with the team and people of Ireland could grow. Magnificent moments with magnificent people happened this week and I cannot explain how blessed I feel to be here. God’s work is so evident in the people and beautiful landscape in Northern Ireland. Just as much as I hope I have touched the lives of the people in Ireland, they have touched my life even more. What God did here in Ireland this week was beyond magnificent and He really outdid himself. I am forever changed.” – Grace G.

“This week has shed a lot of light on some things God wanted me to hear. I absolutely loved the community and relationships I was able to build this week, you would never think a group of complete strangers could grow this close in the span of about three days. It was a lot of love, light, and encouragement and I enjoyed every second of it!” – Grace O.

Pray for safe travels for us in a few short hours as we make the drive back to Dublin and onto our flight to JFK. Pray a blessing for Riot house and the students coming to Christ. Pray for Richie and Jen, that the spirit only increases in them. Pray for rest on all our flights. Lastly, pray a prayer of thanks. The Lord is so so good to us.

  • Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 9

  • January 03 - January 12, 2019
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