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Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 8

Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2019

We are… pretty tired. But that’s good! We’re tired because we’ve had full days of learning about this beautiful country, it’s incredible people, it’s unique challenges and what God is doing through his church here. Today was no different. After breakfast, we went on a little “litter pick”. We split up into teams and then walked around the town and picked up trash for a couple of hours. We love practical ways to show Jesus’ love to people. Afterward we went up to Dundrum Castle for a couple hours where the castle keeper gave us a weapon demonstration with real weapons! Everyone made it out with all of their limbs, which is a huge win. This was also an incredible reminder of which Kingdom we want to spend our lives serving. We’re all kingdom workers. The question is, whose Kingdom are you serving? Dundrum castle was a beautiful Kingdom in its day. It’s presence on the hilltop would’ve been imposing to say the least as its leaders ruled over their subjects. But now? It’s in ruins. It’s a crumbling mass of rocks. The kingdom has fallen, and its glory is no more. But the Kingdom we serve isn’t one of brick, mortar, walls and keeps. It isn’t built to keep people out, but to welcome all people in. And it’s the only one that is eternal. That’s the one we want to give our lives to. 

…anyway… Later we went to a beautiful lighthouse from which you can see Scotland and the Isle of Mann. Just an incredible day so far. We’re about to head up to the youth center for another night of sharing stories, worshipping and hanging out with some local kids. Which has become the highlight of everyone’s day. And given all of the amazing things we’re doing, that is certainly saying something.

Ok! We’re headed up to the youth center! Please pray that God uses us as vessels of his love and grace! We love and miss you all! See you soon!


  • Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 8

  • January 03 - January 12, 2019
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