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Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 5

Posted: Monday, January 07, 2019

We’ve had a wonderful day today! We started off our morning with a Documentary on the life and work of St. Patrick. We learned about Patrick’s years in slavery, his escape, and his eventual return to Ireland, bringing Christianity to its people. We then packed our lunch and headed out to learn more about this incredible man’s life. We first visited Slieve Patrick. It was quite a hike but the view was amazing. We then took a trip to St. Patrick’s Church in Saul (a church know for being a recreation of the first church in Ireland). After that, it was time for the St. Patrick museum where we heard his own words translated to English from the original Latin. We took a short walk up the hill behind the museum to where St. Patrick was buried. It was a powerful experiencing standing where he stood and our team was full of wonder. We took a wee tour of the Down Cathedral and learned all about the history of the building and it’s famous stained glass windows. After a very full day, It was time to get some coffee and snacks at a local supermarket. We drove the team back to the RIOT house and had Tea (Dinner) together before heading over to the Youth Center. Tonight was very exciting for the team. Not only were they able to build community and minister to the Youth in Northern Ireland, but Tory and Taylor were also able to share their testimonies. Lane and I are so proud of their ability to walk in faith and stand up for the Lord.

Please continue to pray for rest and safety for our team as we celebrate all that God is doing in their lives and the lives of those in Northern Ireland. 

  • Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 5

  • January 03 - January 12, 2019
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