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Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 3

Posted: Saturday, January 05, 2019

This morning we loaded up the van and took the team out for a day in Belfast. Belfast is the largest city in Northern Ireland and has many historical landmarks along with beautiful sights to see. First, we had breakfast at St. George’s market, which is the largest indoor market in Northern Ireland. We then spent some time exploring all the Market had to offer, from handmade wares to freshly baked goods, it was a wonderful morning.

We then took a trip to C.S. Lewis Square where we learned about Lewis' early years in Belfast and saw sculptures depicting characters and moments from the Chronicles of Narnia.  Afterward, we visited two murals on opposite sides of the city both showcasing differing perspectives of Northern Ireland’s troubles in history. We then walked along one of the many Peace Walls that divide communities who have had violent conflict because of their differing beliefs and political affiliations.  We read the words of many who came before us. We wrote our own prayers for the country on the walls and took time to ask God to heal the brokenness in Northern Ireland. We then traveled to the Ulster Museum and learned even more about the relationship between Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland.

With such a long and emotionally heavy afternoon of learning, it was a lovely break to take the team to Belfast City Hall for a little bit of shopping and relaxing.

Tonight during debrief, we each shared moments that stood out to us from the day in Belfast. The gates dividing communities, the warmth of the Irish people, The prayers for Peace written over the wall. 

We ended on how we saw the mission principals apply throughout the trip so far.

As we head into day three, our team would love prayers for excellent rest during the night and an abundance of energy during the day. Please pray that God’s voice will speak clearly to us and grant us wisdom and further understanding of the people in Northern Ireland.

  • Northern Ireland RIOT 1 Update 3

  • January 03 - January 12, 2019
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