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Northern Ireland 4 Update 4

Posted: Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Monday was the first day of the clubs/camps for the kids! Our days from now until Friday will look very much the same. The morning got started at a local elementary school where we set up decorations in the assembly hall and then welcomed several young kids to the camp. We’re split up in three teams, each doing different games and team competitions. About halfway through the morning, everyone gathers together for a Bible lesson and then splits back up for team discussion and a craft. The theme for the camp is about seeing Jesus for who He really is. We’re praying for each of the kids who come to the club, that they may feel loved by our team, have a lot of fun, and most importantly learn about Jesus. We ended the morning with full hearts, sweaty shirts, and stories of some really great kids and how we can learn about Jesus through them.
We had a short break during the afternoon to grab a quick meal before heading to the second club at a local church in Lisburn. Different kids are coming to this club, and though a bit shorter in length compared to the morning one, we’re grateful and blessed to be able to join in with this church as they want to get connected to more kids and families in their neighborhood. Most of the kids who came the first night had not been previously connected to the church, so it was awesome seeing several of the neighborhood kids show up. We had another very fun-filled club with them and shared about Jesus through the lesson times. We were also welcomed with such great hospitality by members of the church as they served us meals and coffee and tea. As we worked and served together (church members and our team) to make the club happen, it was a beautiful reminder of the Church at work to love people well.
The team did a great job of jumping in and helping in all areas! They’re great examples for the kids and what an honor it is to love them and tell them about the love of Jesus. Again, thanks for your continual prayers. The next four days will require so much energy and enthusiasm from us, so we would appreciate your prayers!