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Northern Ireland 1 Update 7

Posted: Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Tonight, we were at R.I.O.T. and hanging out with the kids. I really enjoy spending time with all the different kids and seeing them all have smiles on their lovely faces. And tonight, continued to be no different than the other nights for me. Hearing the testimonies of some of the girls on my team then worshiping with everyone. This is my favorite part of each day. Being in a room filled with about 30 people and literally all I can hear is every single voice singing and worshiping God! AH! I just light up even talking about this! And as everyone is worshiping, I stand in awe that people believe that every culture and country is different yet, because of God we can all stand together and worship Him as ONE.

This even goes along with what we did earlier in the day. I was able to capture the beauty of God’s creation at the top of a castle and walking alongside the beach with fog surrounding us.

Today, was a great reminder about how big God truly is, yet He decided to create me. I am not a very special person yet to Him, I am fearfully and wonderfully created in His imagine! - Bailey

  • Northern Ireland 1 Update 7

  • January 03 - January 13, 2018
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