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N. Ireland Spring Break Update 4

Posted: Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday, March 16, 2018
By Chris Roberts

It's Northern Ireland, so there's one thing you can expect on any trip you might take to this country: RAIN!
The team has experienced its fair share of rain this week, but that comes with the territory here in Northern Ireland. But the rain hasn't slowed us down, and we've had some fun adventures exploring the region around Dundrum. Yesterday we spent the morning working on sharing testimonies - hearing everyone's personal stories and then helping one another tweak those stories in ways that will be impactful to students in Northern Ireland. We've been fortunate to be able to share those stories during each night's youth session in the RIOT Youth Center. Wednesday's testimonies brought out a lot of emotion among the team, and through the tears and heartache we were able to pull together and bond closer than ever before. Those tears turned into fits of later late into the evening. The release of tension was welcome, as well as a perfect example of the euphoria that comes from a life healed through Jesus Christ.
On Thursday the team took a trip to Belfast to visit the Titanic museum. Little known fact: The Titanic was built in Belfast's shipyards before being launched to England for its fateful voyage through the Atlantic. The team learned a ton of history about the Titanic and Belfast, and then spent the afternoon getting an even deeper education on the history of the country by visiting Dundrum Castle and meeting with a medieval weapons expert. It was a fun afternoon of exploring an old castle and being entertained by a professional actor/weapons expert.
The evening, as with every evening this week, finished with three hours of getting to hang out with students from around Dundrum who love to come to the RIOT Youth Center. More testimonies were shared. More tears were shed. More bonds were built. And through it all, God was glorified and the name of Christ was lifted up. All in all, it has been an emotionally exhausting, yet thoroughly fulfilling and obviously Holy Spirit-led couple of days.
We're excited to return to Belfast on Friday to learn more about The Troubles, to visit the city's peace walls, to see some of the murals and artwork throughout the city that speak to The Troubles, and of course to eat some of Northern Ireland's best food.
Please pray that the team would be able to finish the trip well, and that we can continue to learn from God all that He has in store for us.

  • N. Ireland Spring Break Update 4

  • March 10 - March 18, 2018
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